Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Film: District 9

Recently, i went to see the new critically acclaimed film District 9.

The reason why District 9 has caused so much discussion is because of the director, Neill Blomkamp. District 9 was he first full length feature film, which ended up topping the box office worldwide. Another reason that could explain District 9's popularity is because of the producer, Peter Jackson who has also produced films like The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

District 9 is well worth the watch as its not your usual sci-fi type of film, it is a mix of a "faux" documentary and drama.

The aliens featured in the film are created soley with CGI, there where no props or models used in the filming, so for a low budget film, it's quite impressive.

The ending of the film leaves it at a perfect moment for a sequel, so its quite possible in a year or two, there will be District 10!

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  1. Good review I'll have to go and check it out sometime